1. Spezialisation

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2. Certified Translations for Individuals and Companies

Certified translations are mostly required in Europe / Germany in the public service and for public institutions (i.e. birth certificates, degrees, certificates or references, court decisions, testaments, etc.).

In some cases, a certified translation of a certain document is useful to add credibility (i.e. in the case of contracts, letters of recommendation, etc.).

Certified Translations are available in French/German/French.


  • Translation layout based on the original document
  • Delivery will come as a complete dossier with a confirmation note, stamp, signature, and a copy of the original – all firmly attached to the translation
  • Bringing you the advantage of an easy allocation of the documents and easier processing for the recipient


You can save time and costs by researching the exact documents necessary, how many copies of each translation you will need and whether the translation of individual passages might be sufficient.

3. Professional Tools

Use of translation memory systems for accurate, terminologically consistent translations – regardless of text length and intervals between follow-up jobs.


TM-assisted translations are real “human translations” and have nothing to do with the machine translations you may know from the Internet.

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