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Monika Maria Cyrol

Das richtige Wort – THE RIGHT WORD

Translation and Interpreting Service
French / German

“The right word” describes my work’s ambition. As a professional interpreter and translator, I am an expert in finding “the right word.” Let’s ensure your message reaches your audience without getting lost – whether it’s press related, a presentation, or a contract, etc. Benefit from my expertise and my extensive experience in the field of foreign languages, with my focus on Franco-German communication.

Welcome to my website!

My Values


I will only take on translation or interpreting assignments I am qualified for, that I am able to deliver on time and to the highest standard.


Confidentiality is a premise. It is the basis of the translation and interpreting service. Without confidentiality there is no trust, and without trust no real collaboration. For reasons of confidentiality and integrity, I refrain from publishing exemplary translated texts or a list of references of clients for which I have previously worked (see „References“)


This may seem a banal point but is essential to my work. Perhaps you yourself have experienced the hassle of last-minute cancellations. I only take on assignments I can confidently fulfill within the set deadline.

Your perfect Translation

… starts with its preparation. This short overview offers tips on how you can support the full success of your translation:

Übersetzung – keine Glückssache

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