Interpreting Services French-German-French

1. Negotiation and escort/travel interpreting

In your negotiations with your clients or partners, I will support you as an interpreter in the language combination French-German (see Ihre perfekte Übersetzung). I prepare diligently for all appointments, so you can concentrate on the essentials: present your expert-knowledge by benefitting from effortless communication without time-consuming misunderstandings.

For tours of small to medium-sized groups, I work with headphones and infrared-based microphone, so called guide systems. This technological support does cost extra but results in a much more pleasant and fruitful experience for all participants. Your guests will be able to effortlessly follow your presentation. Offers on request.

2. Simultaneous or conference interpreting

For conference or simultaneous interpreters, I will happily arrange a competent team tailored to your needs. The team will be personally supervised by me (briefing, preparation, on-site supervision, etc.). Offers on request.

3. Public Service Interpreting (Courts, Police, Public Authorities, etc.)

In Germany, interpreters who work for these institutions, are usually sworn in by the courts, as well as appointed and paid by them.

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